Among Us: A Complete Game Review

Among Us a the casual mobile and PC network murder-mystery social game. It offers players two distinct adrenaline rushes, round by round: either the pulse-pounding paranoia that anyone you’re standing next to might kill you, or the thrill of stalking and murdering everyone you’re playing with, all while maintaining your veneer of innocence.
In a delightful cartoony package, this simple formula is part murder mystery, part jury trial, and a great way to kill some time… And other players. Let’s explore the game in more detail.

What is Among Us?

among us children puts up to ten players together on a space mission, represented in a quirky, fun, hand-drawn 2D style. Players are set to roam in an overhead view spaceship setting as Crewmates who must keep the ship running.
The only thing is, not everybody is a Crewmate.
One to three players are, in fact, imposters, and it’s their job to sabotage the ship and murder everyone on it, one by one, while pretending to be innocent. It’s your job, as a Crewmate, to stay alive, keep the ship running, and figure out which one of these brightly colored, jumpsuit-wearing “friends” are deadly imposters by calling emergency all-hands-on-deck meetings.
These meetings are group chat where accusations fly. And then, so does the body of the accused, if a majority votes to eject a player.

A little animated board game in space

Distrust, fear, and deception along with some deductive detective guesswork and psychology all combine for a surprisingly addictive little animated board game in space. In an era of video games with hours of backstory and lore, Among Us offers players a simple but wickedly wonderful gameplay experience with no large narrative. Just a pick-up-and-play-online party game that anyone and everyone can get right into within minutes. And, it seems, everyone is.

Background and history

Any Among Us review would not be complete without a bit of background, and this game has an interesting one. Among Us seemed to explode onto the scene in 2020 as the perfect social – and anti-social – online game play experience for quarantine, putting you into the virtual company of strangers for fun while being sure any one of them presents a deadly menace.
But it was actually released in 2018 (then called “spacemafia”) to very little fanfare or acclaim. In fact, it almost winked out of existence more than a few times along the way, due to such dismal lack of success in both download and player base.
Although today the average daily number of people playing Among Us sits at 60 million, the game struggled for over a year with a very small but dedicated player base. Sometimes only 30 to 50 concurrent people per day were playing it. Not 30 to 50 thousand; just 30 to 50 players.
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