Anti-Social Media Marketing

Marketing professionals are feverishly enthusiastic about “social media marketing.” Social networking includes websites where huge amounts of users provide their own content and create connections and relationships by sharing information and following each other’s updates. You will find dozens, and perhaps hundreds of these sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, MySpace, Spoke, ecademy,, Friendster and Flickr, where people exchange business and personal information, status updates, photographs, videos, news articles, political views, resumes, sexual interests, sports opinions, recipes, health facts and endless levels of other data.

It doesn’t end there. Social networking marketing also includes the utilization of blogs, videos, discussion forums and creating ways allowing customers to offer feedback and ratings on the pages of one’s websites. And a great deal more. It’s tremendously valuable and some organizations have inked a great job getting real value out of their social media marketing efforts.

Let me make it clear, you will find massive marketing benefits available to marketers who are able to work out how to harness the interest and preferences of audiences using social media tools. smm panel Everywhere you turn in the marketing world, individuals are promoting the value of engaging social media for businesses purposes. I quickly went by way of a week’s worth of emails to get invitations to attend or view whitepapers, webinars and conferences. Here is a sampling of what I’ve received during the last seven days:

  • Just how to Create a Social Media Strategy That Works For Your Brand
  • Connecting Constant Contact and Social Media for Internet Marketing Success
  • Free webinar – Webcasting + Social Media Increase Attendance: An UNLEASH09 Case Study
  • The Best of Both Worlds: Just how to Effectively Leverage Social Media Relationships with Real-Time Collaboration Tools
  • Email Gone Viral: How To Extend Email Reach Through Social Sharing
  • 2009 B2B Social Media Benchmarketing Study
  • Service in the Time of the Social Customer
  • Understanding Your Online Reach
  • Generate a Buzz for Your Business Through Social Media Marketing. Convert that Buzz into Revenue.
  • 5 Killer Approaches to Promote Your Facebook Fan Page

Now, I sign up for several marketing newsletters, but you will find countless others and this list represents only a week of emails — and I probably missed some. Marketing via social media is white hot — the amount of excitement is off the charts.

Social networking, however, cannot yet substitute entirely for other, more traditional kinds of marketing. Recently, I was on an “expert panel ” at a marketing event and the audience was breathlessly stoked up about social media. At one point, many of us panelists were asked to comment on the value of this new channel and when it absolutely was my turn, I stated that while I believed social media would someday provide enormous marketing value, I was concerned that people were focusing too much effort and attention on it. I stated that, within my view, there was probably no huge “first mover advantage” in working out how to market successfully via social media and that it was important to keep to work with email, direct mail, direct sales, telesales, advertising and other channels for now. I said that individuals should make certain they stayed current with that which was happening in social media and they must be constantly experimenting, but, since no one has yet cracked the code on measuring the results of these new opportunities, it absolutely was important not to have distracted from demand generation methods we currently use that individuals know are effective.

These statements won me a lot dirty looks and I felt like I’d just announced that I was predicting a major comeback in Yellow Pages advertising. Several people in the audience probably dismissed any notion of hiring my company to complete marketing consulting for them and I do believe there could have been murmurs of organizing a lynch mob.

The odd thing is that I just am very stoked up about the potential of social media marketing and we use it within my company everyday. I recently believe that its value as a questionnaire of demand generation isn’t clearly understood yet and, since it’s not to measurable, it flies in the facial skin of responsible marketing for some companies to devote inordinate levels of resources to it.

We are inclined in marketing to think that new channels make old ones obsolete. For example, when email began to gain in popularity and effectiveness, many marketers figured direct mail was coming out. Strangely enough, email marketing, somewhat, became a prey of its own success. Spam grew at a faster rate than quality email, and soon customers’in-boxes were full of so much garbage that system administrators all over the country became more aggressive at filtering out unwanted email. Unfortunately, a lot of high quality email, much which customers had subscribed to, got caught in spam filters. Deliverability rates of email marketing campaigns dropped precipitously and the entire medium has lost a few of its effectiveness. The net result is that direct mail, good old fashioned fashioned printed offers sent through the USPS, has made somewhat of a comeback. The death of direct mail was highly exaggerated.

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